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Question: Is it possible to create a glamorous living area with a dark green carpet? The brief is you can do anything you want to the room except replace the carpet. So any colour, any furniture ... it’s wide open.

When I first saw a photo of the carpet, it reminded me of summertime: the restful, inviting hue of an old forest, one that says, “Come on in and put your feet up.” It’s a sense of natural peace and tranquillity, a summer-day ambience that I hope to bring to life in this room.

Styling advice:
Blending dark green with oak and beech creates a relaxed mood that offers an inviting background for neutral colours offset by black and white accessories. A vase (or two) filled with colourful blooms infuses the room with a sense of enthusiasm the way only nature can. Oversized scatter cushions invite relaxation, while gold accessories, such as these lamps or small candle holders, add dramatic elements.

What do you think? Do you like this solution?

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