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You can use any free hosting service to host files and link them to your web pages. Free hosting is available at:


In this example, I’ve uploaded a PDF file to Google docs.
1. Log in to your google account.
2. Click on “Documents”. This is located in the top left hand corner of the page.

3. Click on “Select files to upload”

4. Click on “Private” and select “Anyone with the link” (or choose another option to set permission to access the file)

5. Click on “Start upload”
6. After the upload is complete, click on "Back to Google Docs"
7. Click on the file you want to share and then click on “Share” and then “Sharing settings...”
8. Copy the link displayed.

9. Log in to your post. Then choose the word that you want your viewers to click on to download the PDF file. Now select that word. Click on the icon in Step 10.
10. Paste the link from Step 8 into the dialog box and click OK.

11. When viewers click on the selected word, they will get a dialog box prompting them to download your file.

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