+ Furniture & Giftware showroom

Mackay, Queensland, Australia

One of Mackay’s most iconic furniture outlets has reinvented itself through the rethinking of a single space to accommodate three related businesses – a furniture & giftware showroom, a design consultancy, and a construction company – in a makeover that takes its inspiration from all the shades of red.
Lynn’s House and Home, Lynn’s Interior Designs, and L.I.D. Constructions in Alfred Street now share an ingeniously redesigned space that reflects their synergistic connection.
The design and construction offices, conference room and work areas form a curving backdrop to the showroom space. The angled walls create unique rooms linked by red glass mosaic strips on the floor – a thoughtful parallel to the ruby-lit ceiling.

The furniture and giftware showroom dominates the centre on a wooden laminate floor that sweeps towards the walls in a smooth curve, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Above, the floating ceiling is clad in mirror laminate and features recessed red lights in a curved array that follows faithfully the outline of the floor below, helping delineate the edge of the area.

The central counter is the focal point. Everything flows around its curved front panel, which flames with riveted copper plates set off by a black granite countertop with gold flake inlay. It’s a fresh and elegant look.

Glimpsed behind a shutter

Surprises wait round every corner. Glimpsed behind a shutter at the front of the shop a stunning crystal chandelier hangs suspended just a foot from the floor – a glittering sculpture that’s also supremely functional.

Framed prints
Framed prints are hung from a professional gallery tracking system.

Meeting room

The meeting room intentionally leans towards the intimate and the striking black and white floral mural should make it look even cosier, but paradoxically has just the opposite effect, enlarging the space to match its own proportions and creating a connection to the red floral wall outside.

Kitchen corner

The new design lets customers take a voyage of discovery through design, lighting, materials, fittings, and construction details – a unique opportunity to mix and match a full range of home décor options at a single location.

Giftware corner

Giftware is framed by black shelving on a white background to lend the merchandise a strong visual impact.

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