Interior design

Mini makeover
Looking for furniture placement advice or a low-cost makeover using the things you already have?
ervices include:
  • A custom inspiration board incorporating your existing furniture and accessories into a new colour scheme.
  • Layout ideas
  • Accessory suggestions
  • Design hints to refresh your space with style.
- Price: AU $110 per room

Major makeover
Want a complete new look?
Services include:
  • A custom inspiration board created for your unique taste and style
  • Space planning
  • Colour scheme
  • Accessory suggestions
  • Cabinetry + countertop finishing
  • Plumbing fittings
  • Fixtures
  • Much more to totally transform your space with style to spare.
It’s not just a collection of pretty pictures; it’s a bona fide plan that you can follow to transform your room.
- Price: AU $330 per room