Frequently asked questions

Q: Are we right for you?
A: The traditional way of working with an interior designer is with time-consuming design consultations, excursions to design centers, and trips to boutiques to choose furniture and accessories…

At Studio Suki, we aim to simplify the process – saving you time and hassle.
Just email us what you're dreaming of and we'll do all the work.

→ Getting started with Major makeover or Mini makeover

  • Looking for an inexpensive website or blog to grow your business?
  • Connect with your potential customers with eye-catching ads and print materials to stand out from the crowd
  • Custom print materials to your specifications.
→ Getting started with personalized Graphic design

  • Writing business materials?
  • Having problems with assignments?
Just email us what you’re writing and we'll help smooth your documents.

→ Getting started on Perfect Content

Q: How do our prices compare to other firms?
A: By streamlining the traditional process, we’re able to offer you reduced rates for high-end services. Our process enables us to understand your desires and offer expert solutions.

Simply email us your needs; we can deliver complete projects quickly and efficiently for much less.

Q: What type of photos should I send in? What will be most helpful?
A: We can easily get an idea of the look and feel of your space, as well as your general taste, by viewing pictures with these criteria:
  • Three to four (3-4) pictures of each room from different angles.
  • The largest area you can fit in the photo from one corner of the room.
  • Detailed, close-up shots of fabrics, wallpaper, etc. that you would like to incorporate in the design.
  • An optional shot of the exterior of the space for additional styling detail.

Can I send in other information that would help?

A: Yes! If you have any of the following images, graphics, or info, please send it via your personal web gallery or through email.
  • A floor plan from your builder, architect, or drawn by you including measurements.
  • Website images of rooms or pieces you’d like us to see.
  • Note: You may email magazine or catalog clippings if you don’t have web images.

Q: We’re moving in together. How can we combine our furniture without clashing?
A: We can help merge your two households and contrasting styles to create a harmonious and balanced space.

Q: How long does it take for you to complete a project?
A: We generally work within a 3-10 business day turnaround time after we receive your payment. This may vary depending on the complexity of your project, how quickly we exchange emails, and the changes you request.

Q: Can we make changes after final approval?
A: Yes, within reason. We really want you to love the results.

Our Guarantee
Because our process is designed to give us the best understanding of your style upfront, we’re confident you will find the look you desire among the options we select for you.

However, in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with the result and want to make some changes, we offer additional services at a reduced rate of
AU$ 35/hour.

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